16:18 Fri.
1 Sep, 2017

Ok, maybe not!

Cape Tribulation , Australia
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6:12 pm

On Tuesday afternoon we arrived to Cairns, far up north on the continent. On Tuesday we had a chance to walk about the city, since it was not safe to swim. How come? Well there are some animals swimming around that want to eat you.

On Wednesday we gor up early in the mornings in order to go on a whole day tour even further up north into a ancient rainforest. It is suppose to be the oldest forest on Earth, dating back as far as 120 million years.

After driving for a couple of hours we arrived to the Daintree river which marks the border of civilization. On the other side there is no electricity, no phone signal, no nothing.

Interesting moss formation

We crossed the river in a levi and drove some more on the other side. There we took a walk through the forest looking at the ancient flora and trying to spot some of the animals. Most of them were extremely well camouflaged, even after guide pointed his finger 2 cm away from them it was almost impossible to see them. After the walk we had a lunch on a nearby sandy beach, where another giant bird came to say

After the lunch we had another special thing planned. Sailing on a small boat up the river we crossed earlier. Well it was about time we saw some crocodiles, we heard so much about them. We did not have to wait long to see them. Few of them were sunbathing on the shores and few were swimming around. We were told these species is the largest, some males have reached length of over 8 meters. To top it off we also spotted some pythons in the tree canapies above the river.

After the river safari we departed toward home, stopping on the way in some gorge. Nothing to special compared to what we have in Slovenia.


Cairns is somewhere toward the end of photo.
11:39 Sun.
19 Apr, 2015

Almost =)

Nova Gorica , Slovenia
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7:55 pm

Ok, first thing first, after really long time I finally managed to update some functionalities on blog. Firstly I have separated posts into multiple groups. All posts can now be seen on home page and also in their separate sub-blog (left of gallery). I have also updated weather information, so it now works for multiple different cities, no point in showing weather from Luleå anymore. If you mouse over weather info, the location should be displayed. Lastly I have updated gallery, so it looks a bit better, rearranging photos of different sizes randomly.

So what happened in past few months? Nothing much, I’ve started working on my master’s thesis. I will try to predict some heart diseases, like arrhythmia, few minutes into the future. So far I haven’t managed to do anything ground breaking, but hopefully soon. At work we have started a new project, automated help for elderly, I’m again leading 2 students, so far better than first time =).

And now finally to the interesting news. We (me and Veronika) have finally managed to get some vacation time from work and have booked a trip to Hong Kong to visit Jean and others. We are leaving on Friday 24th and returning on 10th of May. We are really excited, this will be by far the longest trip I have taken, we’re going to be flying there via Beijing for almost 15 hours. To top it off, we (also Jean and Maggie) are going to Philippines for 5 days as well. I’m so excited about everything, but the best part is seeing Jean, Maggie and others again after almost year and a half, half a world away.

Let this be for now. I will try to post a bit from abroad with quick updates, but expect extensive posts with lots of pictures when we return home.

13:42 Wed.
30 Oct, 2013

Not really

Day 83 , 64 remain
Lulea , Sweden
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Ok so today I’ve finished with my second (last) home exam. It was quite a rush and I’m starting to prefer regular exams oppose to “home” exams. They are much much longer, for example today I was working on it for 5h, and on the other one I think I spent 10+ h. Though only the one from today was a real exam, with theoretical questions and coding and stuff. The other one was more like a project, where you question everything you do and redo it 5 times at least.

So yes now I’m done with 1st quarter. Well not really, I still have one project due, but it’s more like do it whenever you want.

Anyway time is short. I’m really in a hurry last few days. Now I have exactly 23 minutes to prepare for departure for another trip. This time I’ll be gone till Tuesday. To where I’m going, let it remain a mystery, for now.

Fun fact, here is a picture of view from my window at 3’o clock. (In 1h I’ll be somewhere where it’s dark at 2 already 😀 yey looking forward to it 😀 ).

This is how dark it is at 3 o'clock
This is how dark it is at 3 o’clock
12:39 Tue.
8 Oct, 2013

Lofoten islands

Day 61 , 86 remain
Lulea , Sweden
10 °C
7:01 am
5:32 pm

We gathered at LTU on Friday evening. Despite light rain we were all cheerful and looking forward to the trip. I decided to only bring my backpack, so somehow I had to cram all my clothes, bed lining, food and camera in it. Backpack isn’t that big so I ended up sacrificing my clothes, only bringing with me 2 shirts. Mobile phone charger, toothpaste and shampoo were sacrificed as well. Luckily others brought big suitcases full of stuff, so I was able to borrow toothpaste etc. from them.

When entering a bus I was pleasantly surprised. Bus was equipped with free Wi-Fi (even in Norway) and electricity sockets. I was kind of sorry I didn’t bring my laptop with me. When we all boarded the bus, driver greeted us (in surprisingly good English) and told us some info about the trip. Soon after the ride began, he put a movie – Inglorious bastards, on bus TV. I really wasn’t expecting to ever see this move in such a place.

After 4 hours of driving we stopped for the first time in Kiruna. We raided toilets in local gas station and some people bought something to eat. Shortly after we continued. In about 2 hours we reached Norway’s border. The landscape changed dramatically, from wilderness with forests everywhere, to landscape full of fjords. Downside (although I don’t see any upsides) of riding only at night is that you don’t see any landscape through the window. We did another short stop near islands, where we picked up our guide. I didn’t quite understand the story but I think she is Icelander doing I don’t know what in Norway, but lives in Lulea … it doesn’t really matter.

The ride on the islands continued for about 4 more hours. Sadly I couldn’t fell asleep during bus ride, at least not until very end. And that’s a pity, Last hour of ride sun started to rise up. It was the most beautiful sunrise over the islands and untouched nature, I’ve ever seen. Sadly I fell asleep in next second, just to be woken up in 20 minutes when we reached our apartment area (I’ll refer to it as camp side in the future).

Total driving time (with stops included) was exactly 12h, from Friday 7PM to Saturday 7AM.

Cabins where we slept in Lofoten
Cabins where we slept in Lofoten
Cabins were overlooking the nearby lake. The views were breathtaking.
Cabins were overlooking the nearby lake. The views were breathtaking.
View from the cabins
View from the cabins

When we disembarked we brought luggage to our cabins. And I must say cabins looked great. They were all made from wood with enormous windows (whole side wall was a window) and great view over the lake.

There was no time to rest, when we unpacked we had a “Norwegian” breakfast in main building and then we were off to town centre. Oh I forgot to tell in which town we were staying: Svolvær.

I’ve decided to make a lot of smaller posts instead of a big one in favour of optimisation and faster webpage load time. So To be continued in next post.

07:07 Tue.
1 Oct, 2013

Haven't slept in ages

Day 54 , 93 remain
Lulea , Sweden
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6:40 am
6:00 pm

Now (at 7 AM) I’ve arrived from a 4 days long trip to Norway. The trip was amazing and I think worth every penny, though it was very exhausting. In 4 days I think I only slept for 15h altogether. For some reason I couldn’t sleep on the bus toward islands, on the way back I was so tired that I managed to shut my eyes for around 4h.

I’ll go in to more detail in future posts (during weekend) when I’ll upload a big load of picture (I took around 500 of them). For now it’s enough to know that islands are really as beautiful as they say and that Norway is incredibly expensive country.

2 teaser pictures.
For now I’ll let you wonder what it is. Let me just say it’s not a dog or a cat.

Eyes in darkness. What could it be?
Eyes in darkness. What could it be?
From left: Me, Slavek and Mikel.
From left: Me, Slavek and Mikel.