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28 Jul, 2017

Business of ferrets

Ljubljana , Slovenia
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8:37 pm

So in order for Biba to have a friend we decided that we should get another ferret, male this time… and so it became Bibon.


We got him when he was 3 months old, so he is about 1 year younger than Biba. For some reason Biba was afraid of him at first, but after few days they became great friends.

When we got him he had around 400g and was half the size of Biba, but somehow he grew like a mashroom after rain. In less than a month he was already twice the size of Biba.

He is quite the opposite of Biba. He likes to cuddle, sleeps less but when he sleeps it’s impossible to wake him up, he likes to play more and there is no greater thrill than to do something that he is not allowed to.

Sleepy ferret
Sleepy ferret


00:13 Sun.
23 Jul, 2017

First post in new blog

Ljubljana , Slovenia
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8:42 pm

After thinking for a long time and about 2 months of time to implement it I have finally migrated my blog to the new format.

I have created the old blog to learn about web technologies and to be able to customise it to my liking without bounds, the weather information (that stores a lot more information that is actually visible and is automatically pulled from weather services when I submit a post) is a feature I’m most proud of. Well the other reason was that I was going to Sweden as Erasmus exchange student and wanted to save some excerpts from my life in order to read them later, if anyone else was interesting in reading it was beside the point, but as it happens few people did read it. After coming back from Sweden there were fewer moments worth writing about and I happened to have less and less time to write about and oh it was time consuming to write on the old blog. On average it took me 3-4 hours to write average sized post, because I was a bit lazy in implementing backed because no-one but me saw it.

Fast forward few years, I have even less time and somehow am lucky enough to be able to travel quite a lot with my job. I still want to write from time to time and share some photos from the trips. In order to still be able to do so I had to move to new blog which is build on wordpress framework and offers me much more support in blog management site. I still had to heavily modify some aspects of it in order to keep the old blog post format (with weather and comments) but now I’m finally done.

I have changed the look to a bit darker one which looks better for photos, I think, and transferred all the content  from the old blog to this one. I know there are some problems with styling of photos in certain posts but if you see any mistake or have an suggestion please do not hesitate to contact me via comment or e-mail.

It should also be possible to subscribe to newsletter when new post is posted, so you get notification over the email.


Let this be it for now and hopefully I’ll start to cover some old content from previous years that I think should be on here.

So fluffy
So fluffy
10:28 Sun.
22 Jan, 2017

A year that had it all.

Ljubljana , Slovenia
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4:45 pm

Woah I can’t believe it has been more than a year since I last wrote something up here. The 2016 was my busiest year by far, I have travelled more than any year before, even the year when I was in Luleå and most exciting, we have moved with Veronika into our first apartment, which we are renovating for the last 6 month and will continue to do so for a few more months. And lastly, most incredibly, we have started to develop our game more intensely, got it to the stage of being almost feature complete and submitted it to Bitsummit conference in Japan, where if we are accepted Sebastian and Vito will present our work to thousands of visitors.

Jean and Maggie visit Slovenia. Here we went for a boat ride in Bled.
Jean and Maggie visit Slovenia. Here we went for a boat ride in Bled.

So in short what happened last year, that I want to write about?


  1. Trip to Valencia
  2. Trip to Luxembourg
  3. Jean comes to Slovenia!
  4. New York, USA
  5. Appartement
  6. Trip to Greece
  7. Trip to Vienna

Hopefully in the next few months when my schedule clears I will be able to write everything I have envisioned. Even though a lot of time has passed since the events, thankfully I have tons of photos which will help me relive and remember the most fun and interesting moments of past year.

Oh yea, talking about photos, I have finally upgraded my camera, so here is a short teaser of what is to come:

My favourite photo from last year: Central Park, New York
My favourite photo from last year: Central Park, New York
17:15 Sun.
1 Feb, 2015

It's been a long time

Lulea , Sweden
-6 °C
8:24 am
3:05 pm

It’s been too long since I last wrote something here. The thing is I’ve been incredibly busy. Today’s my birthday, so I’ve decided what the hell, I’ll take some time and write another post.

So what was I up to in the last six months?

Well most of the time I spent at my job. I was “applicative leader” of a project, due to my superior leading skills (and being my first project) we happened to run behind schedule for the last two months of the project, which resulted in me working almost 10h / day to make it in time. Now the project is finally finished and I can breathe more easily. Last week I have started a new research area, called deep neural networks, which sounds really fun. Later this month I’ll also start to work on another project, beside my research are, but will only have to code, so it won’t be that hard (hopefully).

Beside work we have also started (finally!) working on our android game again. For the last 4 months we have been building our own 3D game engine. It was actually quite an achievement to make it so it runs fast and fluid on all devices from ancient android 2.3 to the newest 5.0+. Now we are starting to focus more on the gameplay and graphics / animation side of the game, which is more fun and fast to create. Here is a short concept of a gameplay. You are the jelly (monster =) ) and at the moment have to avoid other fish while collect some stuff. As you can see jelly is not animated yet, hopefully it will look much better when game is finished.


What else? Huh … Biba has grown and can now jump over 0.6m high obstacle, which is incredibly annoying if since you don’t want her to run everywhere. She sleeps around 20h / day and loves socks. No really, if you leave a sock somewhere she can reach, you won’t see it again. Same goes for other stuff that she might find useful / fun to play with, especially if it has a rubbery part. She already chewed 3 USB cables that were stored 1.5m high in a closed, I still don’t know how she got up there.

Veronika and Biba. Biba gets almost snow white during the winter.
Veronika and Biba. Biba gets almost snow white during the winter.
Biba trying to eat some of the cake, although she is not allowed.
Biba trying to eat some of the cake, although she is not allowed.

In other news I still miss Luleå sometimes. For new year’s we were at friend’s holiday house in the middle of nowhere in south Slovenia. It was about 30cm of snow and was quite cold, around -12C (almost record low for Slovenia). It reminded me a bit of Luleå.

Now to the fun part. Hopefully I’ll find some time in the near future to update my blog a bit, so things I write from now on won’t be under Luleå category. But the best thing is that I’m planning to visit Jean, Maggie, Liff and Allen (probably misspelled some of the names xD) in Hong Kong around May 1st. I haven’t bought plane tickets yet, because I’m waiting for vacation confirmation for my GF, but hopefully I’ll have tickets by the end of this month. I’m actually really excited to see those guys again, even more than visiting HK!

Huh… it’s been so long since I wrote here that I have forgotten how…

Talk to you soon!

23:16 Sat.
9 Aug, 2014

Since my first step in Luleå

Lulea , Sweden
15 °C
3:49 am
9:21 pm

Can’t believe it went by so fast. It seems like yesterday I was still playing hockey and riding my bike in the snow.

I still remember my thoughts and feelings of excitement and a pinch of uncertainty when I stepped of the train. Everything ended up great, greatly surpassing all my expectations, those were the best days of my life, well almost, if Veronika could join me for whole time then they would =).

Enough about past, lets fast forward to present. Since I came home I travelled some more, I’ve visited Luxembourg and Frankfurt. Chose worst course since I went to college, started working at IJS again and began working on my master’s thesis.

In recent month I’ve finally moved to a new apartment in Ljubljana, together with Veronika. We are finally alone and I finally have only 5 minutes of walking to work / school, as opposed to 1 hours buss drive I had before. Since we moved I also got new pet, let me present you Mrs. Biba.

Biba the ferret!
Biba the ferret!
Biba exploring the living room. She was just over 3 months old in this photo.
Biba exploring the living room. She was just over 3 months old in this photo.

Since I’m buried in work this will be enough information for now. After I finish all my school work (fingers crossed) in September, I’ll upgrade this blog, so it will have more chapters, not just Luleå and finally deliver those graphs about expenses that I’m promising and kind of want to see them myself.