17:15 Sun.
1 Feb, 2015

It's been a long time

Lulea , Sweden
-6 °C
8:24 am
3:05 pm

It’s been too long since I last wrote something here. The thing is I’ve been incredibly busy. Today’s my birthday, so I’ve decided what the hell, I’ll take some time and write another post.

So what was I up to in the last six months?

Well most of the time I spent at my job. I was “applicative leader” of a project, due to my superior leading skills (and being my first project) we happened to run behind schedule for the last two months of the project, which resulted in me working almost 10h / day to make it in time. Now the project is finally finished and I can breathe more easily. Last week I have started a new research area, called deep neural networks, which sounds really fun. Later this month I’ll also start to work on another project, beside my research are, but will only have to code, so it won’t be that hard (hopefully).

Beside work we have also started (finally!) working on our android game again. For the last 4 months we have been building our own 3D game engine. It was actually quite an achievement to make it so it runs fast and fluid on all devices from ancient android 2.3 to the newest 5.0+. Now we are starting to focus more on the gameplay and graphics / animation side of the game, which is more fun and fast to create. Here is a short concept of a gameplay. You are the jelly (monster =) ) and at the moment have to avoid other fish while collect some stuff. As you can see jelly is not animated yet, hopefully it will look much better when game is finished.


What else? Huh … Biba has grown and can now jump over 0.6m high obstacle, which is incredibly annoying if since you don’t want her to run everywhere. She sleeps around 20h / day and loves socks. No really, if you leave a sock somewhere she can reach, you won’t see it again. Same goes for other stuff that she might find useful / fun to play with, especially if it has a rubbery part. She already chewed 3 USB cables that were stored 1.5m high in a closed, I still don’t know how she got up there.

Veronika and Biba. Biba gets almost snow white during the winter.
Veronika and Biba. Biba gets almost snow white during the winter.
Biba trying to eat some of the cake, although she is not allowed.
Biba trying to eat some of the cake, although she is not allowed.

In other news I still miss Luleå sometimes. For new year’s we were at friend’s holiday house in the middle of nowhere in south Slovenia. It was about 30cm of snow and was quite cold, around -12C (almost record low for Slovenia). It reminded me a bit of Luleå.

Now to the fun part. Hopefully I’ll find some time in the near future to update my blog a bit, so things I write from now on won’t be under Luleå category. But the best thing is that I’m planning to visit Jean, Maggie, Liff and Allen (probably misspelled some of the names xD) in Hong Kong around May 1st. I haven’t bought plane tickets yet, because I’m waiting for vacation confirmation for my GF, but hopefully I’ll have tickets by the end of this month. I’m actually really excited to see those guys again, even more than visiting HK!

Huh… it’s been so long since I wrote here that I have forgotten how…

Talk to you soon!

18:42 Thu.
14 Nov, 2013

And still kicking

Day 98 , 49 remain
Lulea , Sweden
-9 °C
8:07 am
2:20 pm

It’s been a while since my last post. Last week I was busy with my last assignment from 1st quarter. I finished it on Monday morning (8 AM), after whole night marathon. The worst (best?) part was that when I presented it to professor, few hour later, he didn’t even checked if it works or not, he just looked at some graphs in my report and that was it. Huh I could have saved whole night of programming and just “faked” the results. Though all in all it wasn’t that bad.

In this assignment we were playing/working with some “big” toys. We were using Amazon server farms to create distributed applications. We were actually using real servers, the same ones that NASA uses to calculate new path for mars rovers, for example. As here, you are charged according to how much you use, by rough calculations, on Monday night (alone) I spent around 200$. Thank god that university paid for it. 🙂

It’s really nice if university has a bigger budget and can provide you with some “real” tools that you’ll be using later on when you’ll get a job. Sadly I don’t think in Slovenia something like this would be possible.

So this was on Monday, as you may guess I spent the rest of the day sleeping. As I stated in previous post we finally got about 20cm of snow. Besides being really nice to look at this brings some problems along the way. Tuesday I spent whole day looking for snow shoes in big “shopping” area about 30 (bike) min away from me. Sadly I couldn’t find anything good (looking) enough to buy. On the other hand I did find a shoe from ALPINA. I was really surprised to see it there, firstly I thought they went bankrupted, secondly its first Slovenian brand I’ve seen since coming here. I would sooner expect to see some kind of Slovenian food product instead of shoes up here.

In the end I ended up buying new gloves that should be warm enough for -30 and some tape for my hockey stick (it later turned out that I bought wrong tape, so I had to buy new one today).

When you are riding a bike in this weather you can really feel cold, if you don’t have good enough equipment. Firstly bike sit is usually frozen, if you are lucky wheel is still turning and you can start pedalling without kicking ice from wheels for 5minutes. After few minutes you start feeling cold air coming through gloves (if they are not air sealed, that is), shortly after you pants, below knees, start to freeze (despite mud protector, tiny bits of snow fly off the wheel on to your legs) and lastly you lose feeling in your feet. This can all be avoided if you have good and warm clothing from head to hills of course.

Roads never get cleared of snow.
Roads never get cleared of snow.

Earlier this month I volunteered to help at a computer conference that will be held here at LTU at beginning of December. Yesterday we had our first meeting before conference. I’m telling you this, because professor, who is in charge for preparations, paid for our lunch in a restaurant where we had the meeting. I was really surprised about this, we were 10 people, and each meal costs around 10€.

Later that evening we prepared surprise party for a friend. It was really fun and again lots of people prepared some of their (home country) dishes. In retrospect, I spent whole day eating.

Today I went shopping again. This time to city centre. First thing I bought was correct tape for my hockey stick, secondly I finally found some good snow boots that I will probably buy tomorrow, I just need to check another store before to be sure those are the best.

I also need to get a haircut (2 months ago). I’ve been delaying this for so long because of the price. I was complaining to some Swede about the price of hair dresses and he said that hair dresses in Lulea are run in cartel. Haha it’s really funny when you say it like this, on the other hand when you hear price… every hairdresser in town charges exactly 500 SEK (around 50€), and this is not for women, it’s men’s.

Sunset over the frozen lake
Sunset over the frozen lake
13:24 Mon.
23 Sep, 2013

Happy birthday Mikel!

Day 46 , 101 remain
Lulea , Sweden
9 °C
Mostly Cloudy
6:14 am
6:30 pm

Yesterday my roommate had a birthday so we baked him a cake. I normally prefer fruit cake, but this one was really good (maybe because I helped quite a lot with the baking).

The fun part was after we ate a cake, Chinese decided to have sashimi. I don’t know what actual difference is between sashimi and sushi, for me it looks and tastes the same: -raw fish. And yeah it tastes like … raw fish. You have to dip it in to a special sauce I don’t remember how’s it called, it tastes like really salty horseradish, I didn’t liked it that much but others loved it.

On this picture you can see making of sashimi and a birthday boy excited about his new cap and raw fish. 🙂

Lin is preparing sashimi
Lin is preparing sashimi
Mmmm .... not realy :)
Mmmm …. not realy 🙂

Today is really cold day. I think air temperature is around 8, but it’s windy so the “real feel” temperature is supposed to be 6 degrees. When I rode bike to school this “morning” my hands were so cold/numb I couldn’t hold a key to lock the bike.

HDR Lake
HDR Late