13:24 Mon.
23 Sep, 2013

Happy birthday Mikel!

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Lulea , Sweden
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Yesterday my roommate had a birthday so we baked him a cake. I normally prefer fruit cake, but this one was really good (maybe because I helped quite a lot with the baking).

The fun part was after we ate a cake, Chinese decided to have sashimi. I don’t know what actual difference is between sashimi and sushi, for me it looks and tastes the same: -raw fish. And yeah it tastes like … raw fish. You have to dip it in to a special sauce I don’t remember how’s it called, it tastes like really salty horseradish, I didn’t liked it that much but others loved it.

On this picture you can see making of sashimi and a birthday boy excited about his new cap and raw fish. 🙂

Lin is preparing sashimi
Lin is preparing sashimi
Mmmm .... not realy :)
Mmmm …. not realy 🙂

Today is really cold day. I think air temperature is around 8, but it’s windy so the “real feel” temperature is supposed to be 6 degrees. When I rode bike to school this “morning” my hands were so cold/numb I couldn’t hold a key to lock the bike.

HDR Lake
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