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23 Jul, 2017

First post in new blog

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After thinking for a long time and about 2 months of time to implement it I have finally migrated my blog to the new format.

I have created the old blog to learn about web technologies and to be able to customise it to my liking without bounds, the weather information (that stores a lot more information that is actually visible and is automatically pulled from weather services when I submit a post) is a feature I’m most proud of. Well the other reason was that I was going to Sweden as Erasmus exchange student and wanted to save some excerpts from my life in order to read them later, if anyone else was interesting in reading it was beside the point, but as it happens few people did read it. After coming back from Sweden there were fewer moments worth writing about and I happened to have less and less time to write about and oh it was time consuming to write on the old blog. On average it took me 3-4 hours to write average sized post, because I was a bit lazy in implementing backed because no-one but me saw it.

Fast forward few years, I have even less time and somehow am lucky enough to be able to travel quite a lot with my job. I still want to write from time to time and share some photos from the trips. In order to still be able to do so I had to move to new blog which is build on wordpress framework and offers me much more support in blog management site. I still had to heavily modify some aspects of it in order to keep the old blog post format (with weather and comments) but now I’m finally done.

I have changed the look to a bit darker one which looks better for photos, I think, and transferred all the content  from the old blog to this one. I know there are some problems with styling of photos in certain posts but if you see any mistake or have an suggestion please do not hesitate to contact me via comment or e-mail.

It should also be possible to subscribe to newsletter when new post is posted, so you get notification over the email.


Let this be it for now and hopefully I’ll start to cover some old content from previous years that I think should be on here.

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So fluffy