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1 Sep, 2017

Ok, maybe not!

Cape Tribulation , Australia
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On Tuesday afternoon we arrived to Cairns, far up north on the continent. On Tuesday we had a chance to walk about the city, since it was not safe to swim. How come? Well there are some animals swimming around that want to eat you.

On Wednesday we gor up early in the mornings in order to go on a whole day tour even further up north into a ancient rainforest. It is suppose to be the oldest forest on Earth, dating back as far as 120 million years.

After driving for a couple of hours we arrived to the Daintree river which marks the border of civilization. On the other side there is no electricity, no phone signal, no nothing.

Interesting moss formation

We crossed the river in a levi and drove some more on the other side. There we took a walk through the forest looking at the ancient flora and trying to spot some of the animals. Most of them were extremely well camouflaged, even after guide pointed his finger 2 cm away from them it was almost impossible to see them. After the walk we had a lunch on a nearby sandy beach, where another giant bird came to say

After the lunch we had another special thing planned. Sailing on a small boat up the river we crossed earlier. Well it was about time we saw some crocodiles, we heard so much about them. We did not have to wait long to see them. Few of them were sunbathing on the shores and few were swimming around. We were told these species is the largest, some males have reached length of over 8 meters. To top it off we also spotted some pythons in the tree canapies above the river.

After the river safari we departed toward home, stopping on the way in some gorge. Nothing to special compared to what we have in Slovenia.


Cairns is somewhere toward the end of photo.