12:15 Mon.
4 Sep, 2017

The great barrier reef

Airlie Beach , Australia
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6:11 am
5:57 pm

We have just arrived from a 3 day sailing trip around the coral reef near Airline Beach.

We spent 3 days on this boat with 14 other young people. We split the time between snorkeling and sailing along the islands.

It was loads of fun, we have seen everything from small fishes to stingrays, sharks and even a gigantic humpback whale with a baby.

Mother teaching a baby how to jump from water. She must have been more than 10m long, larger than our boat.

Now we are staying in a hostel and tomorrow we’ll continue to the Freiser island, another 1000 kilometers to the south. We are going to spend about 5 days there, looking for dingos and learning to surf after that we have something really cool planed in the Brisbane.

Since I’m writing this from a phone I’m going to keep it short. It’s incredibly hard to edit or even add photos to the posts from it. I’ll come back to these topics when I ger to computer, probably not sooner than in Slovenia.

Ah yea almost forgot, I also managed to caught a cold, which is incredibly annoying for snorkeling, also I’m blowing through tissue like no tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get better before Brisbane, since some of the activities require me not being sick.