13:42 Wed.
30 Oct, 2013

Not really

Day 83 , 64 remain
Lulea , Sweden
6 °C
7:14 am
3:12 pm

Ok so today I’ve finished with my second (last) home exam. It was quite a rush and I’m starting to prefer regular exams oppose to “home” exams. They are much much longer, for example today I was working on it for 5h, and on the other one I think I spent 10+ h. Though only the one from today was a real exam, with theoretical questions and coding and stuff. The other one was more like a project, where you question everything you do and redo it 5 times at least.

So yes now I’m done with 1st quarter. Well not really, I still have one project due, but it’s more like do it whenever you want.

Anyway time is short. I’m really in a hurry last few days. Now I have exactly 23 minutes to prepare for departure for another trip. This time I’ll be gone till Tuesday. To where I’m going, let it remain a mystery, for now.

Fun fact, here is a picture of view from my window at 3’o clock. (In 1h I’ll be somewhere where it’s dark at 2 already 😀 yey looking forward to it 😀 ).

This is how dark it is at 3 o'clock
This is how dark it is at 3 o’clock