17:30 Tue.
5 Nov, 2013

Waw! What a great trip!

Day 89 , 58 remain
Lulea , Sweden
0 °C
7:35 am
2:52 pm

I’m back home. Trip was amazing, for sure the best one so far.

We make mistakes so we can learn from them, so this time I won’t split my itinerary in to multiple posts, but create one big post. This way I’ll force myself to do it much faster and it should look and read better. To do this I’ll have to make some small modifications to blog, so expect this post by Sunday.

To correct another mistake, in my previous post I stated that I’m going somewhere where it’s dark at 2’o clock. It was in fact other way around. What this means, I leave to you.

Anyway as usually if there is still someone that doesn’t know where I was here are two picture hints. 🙂

Submarines in the middle of the city.
Submarines in the middle of the city.
Who could this be?
Who could this be?