11:39 Sun.
19 Apr, 2015

Almost =)

Nova Gorica , Slovenia
10 °C
6:12 am
7:55 pm

Ok, first thing first, after really long time I finally managed to update some functionalities on blog. Firstly I have separated posts into multiple groups. All posts can now be seen on home page and also in their separate sub-blog (left of gallery). I have also updated weather information, so it now works for multiple different cities, no point in showing weather from Luleå anymore. If you mouse over weather info, the location should be displayed. Lastly I have updated gallery, so it looks a bit better, rearranging photos of different sizes randomly.

So what happened in past few months? Nothing much, I’ve started working on my master’s thesis. I will try to predict some heart diseases, like arrhythmia, few minutes into the future. So far I haven’t managed to do anything ground breaking, but hopefully soon. At work we have started a new project, automated help for elderly, I’m again leading 2 students, so far better than first time =).

And now finally to the interesting news. We (me and Veronika) have finally managed to get some vacation time from work and have booked a trip to Hong Kong to visit Jean and others. We are leaving on Friday 24th and returning on 10th of May. We are really excited, this will be by far the longest trip I have taken, we’re going to be flying there via Beijing for almost 15 hours. To top it off, we (also Jean and Maggie) are going to Philippines for 5 days as well. I’m so excited about everything, but the best part is seeing Jean, Maggie and others again after almost year and a half, half a world away.

Let this be for now. I will try to post a bit from abroad with quick updates, but expect extensive posts with lots of pictures when we return home.