11:07 Wed.
16 Aug, 2017

Down under

Venice , Italy
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6:13 am
8:16 pm

It’s time for another adventure. Again I am lucky enough to work in a company where I can travel so much and so far. This time Veronika and I are going really really far. If you put a pin from Slovenia through the center of Earth, it will come out a bit east of New Zeland. I wont be far away from there. Next destination: Melbourne, Australia

Venice airport.
Venice airport.
11:53 Tue.
27 May, 2014

Back home

Day 292 , -146 remain
Lulea , Sweden
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2:15 am
10:42 pm

After about two hours of flight, but not before I managed to spill juice all over Veronika, we landed in Venice, where my parents were already waiting for us.

It was strange seeing them after so long but nice nonetheless. On our way home questions “how was it”, “where do I like it more (here in SLO or SWE)”, etc. were asked. We got home at 2am so there wasn’t much more to do but go to sleep. It was weird sleeping in my bed after so long.

In the following days I seem to have been answering those standard questions “how was it”, quite often. It was a bit weird talking in Slovenian on the street as well. I swear first few times I actually started speaking in English.

Slowly I went back to old habits and sadly I soon felt like I never left Slovenia. At the end of January I still had to do “oral” exam with my multimedia course from Luleå. We did it over Skype, it was quite funny actually. Professor was at his home (not in his office) and firstly he showed me a bit of his house and after I complained we have no snow here, he also showed me frozen lake behind his house where some kids were skating, after that he asked me some questions about course and I was done.

After that the only thing left to-do from Sweden, were arrange for some papers to be shipped here, so I could get my grades transcribed and the rest of Erasmus grant.

This concludes my “reports” for my Life in Luleå.

The only thing left is to gather my expenses data and present them in some nice(r) form to present them, when I’ll do this I don’t know, probably not soon. And hopeful write a better conclusion to everything.

10:32 Thu.
8 Aug, 2013


Day -1 , 147 remain
Lulea , Sweden
17 °C
3:45 am
9:25 pm

After few intense weeks of preparations at school and home, the day has come, I’m leaving for 5 months for Lulea, Sweden.

Since I’m studying computer science I’ve decided to create my own blog, where I’ll keep some sort of public diary of life in the north. Sadly I didn’t have time to finish the blog, before I left. I had to wait for 3 weeks to get some stupid signature in my index, or I couldn’t leave, needless to say, I got signature 5 days before I left, after bribing the gate keeper to call me when professor arrived. Anyway at the moment the blog has basic functionality, but still looks ugly. I will try to continue working on it while I’ll be in Sweden.

Back to the trip, I’m currently flying somewhere over Germany with Norwegian and yes, we have internet on the plane, although it’s slow, but still better than nothing. The flight is calm, sadly there are clouds all over the sky so I can’t see any land. Pity I was really looking forward to seeing some EU from the sky.
I left home today at around 5.30 AM with my parents and Veronika. Saying goodbye was a bit more emotional than I expected, I guess I’ll really going to miss my folks, but hey, if everything goes as planned Veronika is going to come and visit me soon.

The flight will take approximately 2.5h, we’ll land at Stockholm ARN from where I’ll leave with train at 6.30pm to Lulea. I’m still not sure how it’ll survive 12h on the train, hopefully no one will try to mug me while I’ll be sleeping. And hopefully there will be Wi-Fi on the airport, otherwise I don’t know what I’ll do for 6 hours.

So much for now, I’ll try to upload one photo for test in this post, although I don’t have high hopes with this internet.

Talk to you soon,