15:00 Sat.
25 Aug, 2018

Around the island again

Maspalomas , Spain
23 °C
7:35 am
8:36 pm

After a rainy Sunday it was only natural to go someplace that is know for a lack of rain – the desert. It just so happens there is a small desert in the south of the island. I’m not really sure if it really is a desert, but it sure looks like it. Large sand dunes stretch couple of kilometers around at the seaside in the south.

Mespalomes dunes
Mespalomes dunes

The town of Maspalomas is the most touristic area of the island, full of bars, hotels and restaurants. After the dunes we hiked  around the town before going back to our apartments. For most of the time we cooked for ourselves, I think in total we ate outside 3 times, and all three times it was paella time.


Sadly it wasn’t as good as the one Veronika and I had in Valencia couple of years ago.

On Tuesday we went to visit the main city on the island Les Palmas, the city is located on the far north of the island. It is quite large, almost 400.000 inhabitants, so larger than Ljubljana. We visited couple of stores and hiked alongside the main beach. Aside from few interesting shops there wasn’t much to do here and we were happy we picked south of the island for our vacation.

In the afternoon, instead of taking the highway and going down the same way we came up, we decided to go around the island. Again, the roads quickly became narrow, cutting into the edges of cliffs high above the sea.  The views were amazing though.

We stopped at a couple of places along the way. At the most west part of the island there was a iconic traditional colored lighthouse.

The westernmost point of Gran Canaria.
The westernmost point of Gran Canaria.

It took us half a day to get back home again. Along the way, from time to time, we saw this funny traffic sign, alerting drivers about donkey-cow, sadly we did not see any live specimen of the animal depicted.

Traffic sign.
Traffic sign.
19:08 Wed.
16 Aug, 2017

1/3 of a way

Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
35 °C
5:58 am
6:55 pm

After 6 hours of flight we’ve made it to Abu Dhabi. We are on 1/3 of the way. The fight was nice and calm and I was able to see the dessert for the first time through the plane window. Sadly it’s already night here, so not much to see. The airport is enormous, we walked for about half an hour to get to our terminal for the next flight.

Well not much time to waste, our next stage begins in less than an hour, about 13 hours on the plane. :/

Desert over Iraq/Iran.
Desert over Iraq/Iran.