18:15 Sun.
2 Aug, 2020

Yeey, Switzerland

12:00 am
12:00 am

Well, this one is not entirely trip on its own, but when visiting Madrid, I managed to configure my flight so that I had an overlay in Switzerland. Since I haven’t visited it yet. Sadly there were some problems with the weather and our flight was delayed for a couple of hours, so I only had 3 hours to the connecting flight, but I said since I was there already I will take a chance.

The problems with the weather were some very very strong bursts of wind, which were still somewhat present when we attempted to land. Never in my life was I thrown so much around the plane, well not since I did my glider plane’s licence. I’m not kidding but just before landing our plane was tilted more than 45 degrees with wing almost touching the tarmac. Luckily we landed safely, but I haven’t felt so sick in a long long while. My boss, who was accompanying me on this trip said I was actually green in the face, and I believe him. Ever since then I always take anti motion sickness pills, even if the flight is only an hour long.

Disembarking the plane I almost ran to the train station, to find the train to the Zurih. The train station was enormous, and not that clear which train goes where, or it just might be that they all go to the Zurih. Anyway after half an hour ride I was in the city. It looked almost like in the story, city full of old buildings, streets were full of people and expensive cars. Since it was just over new year’s there were still some decorations around and there was this, I’m not sure how to describe it, smell of winter / snow in the air, truly wonderful.

I walked a bit around the streets, visited the lake and looked at the prices in shop windows. Yea, Switzerland, nowhere else could you see expensive watches, clothes and jewellery with prices of several thousand CHF everywhere.

Not long after I had to leave to catch my flight back, but not before I bought 3 Lindt chocolates for total of 30 CHF, up to this day these was the most expensive chocolate I ever bought, and it wasn’t even extra large, just normal large (0.5kg?) chocolate. The saddest part was that all three were a gift so I didn’t even try them in the end. :'(

Of all the extravagant and expensive stuff found in the shops go figure, what I actually managed to take photo of….