10:27 Fri.
18 Oct, 2013

Finally here, yeah!

Day 71 , 76 remain
Lulea , Sweden
-4 °C
7:33 am
4:56 pm

So yes, we finally have snow here! It’s not much, yet but enough to cover roads. What is interesting is that even though snowflakes were tinny when snowing, they stuck to the ground as glue. Normally in Slovenia, if they are so small, they just melt.

Snow on the parking lot behind my buidling
Snow on the parking lot behind my building

Even though it’s enormously fun driving (bike) on the snow, I fell two times already. Nothing serious more like stepping/sitting off bike, but I was on the grounds after it. Second problem, which is much worst is that while I’m driving, snow gets stuck under my rear mud protector. Because everything is so cold it doesn’t melt, despite constant grinding of the wheel, but gets thicker and thicker. So what’s the problem with that, you may ask? Well it acts like a brake, a really good brake. I had to press pedals really hard to go downhill, while going uphill is impossible. I’m not sure what to do if this continues, probably I’ll rip mud protector off.

Lake starting to freeze
Lake starting to freeze