12:55 Fri.
29 Nov, 2013

Veronika is coming!

Day 113 , 34 remain
Lulea , Sweden
-6 °C
9:00 am
1:35 pm

Ok let’s start first with the good news. Now its official, Veronika will be here in exactly EXPIRED!. I can’t wait to see her after all this time. I actually get butterflies in my stomach when I think about it. Can’t wait to see her and can’t wait to see her expression when she leaves train just to step on icy cold air of -20 or something. It will be so fun, and all the things I have planned to do here with her. Can’t wait!

Now to the sadder part. My stay here is coming to an end. Yesterday we just did our last bookings and traveling arrangements and now everything is set up for my return home. We will leave Lulea on January 1st in the evening. After a night’s ride on the train we will arrive to Stockholm where we booked a really nice hotel. Though for that price in any other country we would probably get much more, but heh, this is Sweden. Do you want to know how pricy hotel and Stockholm is? Well buffet breakfast at hotel costs 14€ per person for 1 time.

After 3 nights in Stockholm it will be time to leave Sweden. We found a semi cheap plane that goes via Amsterdam so yey another country added to my list of visited ones, though only for few hours. On Sunday evening around 11pm we’ll arrive to Venice and my trip will be over.

I’m really sad to leave this place. I would love to stay for at least second semester but it is impossible to do so with my IŠRM program in Slovenia. Here there is only 1 course of mathematics offered in English and I would need 4.

On the other hand I can’t wait to see Veronika again and finally be with here again. So it’s not that bad in the end.