23:38 Wed.
25 Dec, 2013

T - 1 day

Day 139 , 8 remain
Lulea , Sweden
3 °C
9:53 am
1:05 pm

Merry Christmas everyone!

Yesterday I had to go downtown to buy some things that cannot be bought in the store here. For some reason it was -17 so my face had a pleasure to be freezing for 3 hours (walking). The weirdest thing happened when I arrived home. In just about 1 hour, temperature jumped to 0 degrees. It’s incredible, I don’t remember that big of a temperature change in such a short time, ever.

In the evening we had a Christmas dinner together with all (or most) people who are still here. Each of us prepared a dish, I made “French salad” (literal translation from Slovenian, don’t know English name). Others made everything from turkey, ham, chicken, all kind of deserts and cookies. We were around 30 people, so there were just as many dishes. Too many to try them all! 🙂

Today I’ve been preparing for Veronika’s arrival most of the day. I still need to clean my room before I go wait her up to the train station, everything else is set. By the looks of it we are going to have a fun trip on Saturday to a land where sun never rises. =)

Did I ever told you, I know how to fly a plane?
Did I ever told you, I know how to fly a plane?