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29 Aug, 2013

Learning Swedish

Day 21 , 126 remain
Lulea , Sweden
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On Tuesday we started our first lessons in Swedish. There are around 25 people in the class from all nationalities, so it’s really different than then language courses in Slovenia (/mother tongue). The Swedish language is a bit weird at some points as some words are written in the same way but pronounced differently based on their meaning (expl. Japan and Japanese). Other than that I think I’m managing to follow the lessons much better than French ones back in high school. The program is really intense as we’ll have oral exam next Friday and written exam the Monday after. And the course is worth 3 CET, so it’s about half of the normal Slovenian course taken in 2 weeks instead 2.5 months.

Lately I’ve realised that I’m not that cold anymore. Guess I have gotten used to a colder climate. In the day if the sun is shining I’m able to go outside in t-shirt. Although locals are saying that normally temperatures aren’t so high at the end of August.

On Tuesday evening we had another aurora. This one was bigger/stronger and lasted much longer than the previous one. I was able to go outside to a close by bridge, which has a bit less light than surroundings of my building. I haven’t talked about this yet, but the city is really well lit, even the smallest roads through outskirts of the city (forests) have lights. Anyway back to aurora, it was really beautiful, sadly this time I forgot my tripod, so no pictures, but I’m sure there will be many more to come. Here is a picture of sunset I took few hours earlier.

Another sunset over the lake
Another sunset over the lake

Yesterday afternoon we went to a nearby forest to pick up blueberries. We were picking them for about ¾ of an hour and even while I ate every second one I picked, I still managed to pick about 0.5kg of them. They are really big and sweet. Maybe I’ll try to bake something with them, maybe…

Picking blueberries with Sofi and friends.
Picking blueberries with Sofi and friends.
I haven't seen so many blueberries before. This is from a half an hour of picking and eating at least as much.
I haven’t seen so many blueberries before. This is from a half an hour of picking and eating at least as much.

Today I’ve been working some more on the blog. I’ve managed to create and fill my expenses so far. You can see them on the right side slider. If you hover over price with your mouse, it will show approximate price in €. Although exchange rates change etc. so this is really approximation. So far expenses are quite high, although I’ve paid rent for 2 months, so I expect next month to be much less.

Today has been 3 weeks since I left Slovenia. Although I miss my folks really much, time flies here. We are busy all the time so I sure don’t feel like it’s been 3 weeks. Maybe one and half. If it will continue at this paste it will be time to go home really really soon.