13:55 Sat.
16 Sep, 2017

Last Night in Australia :(

Sydney , Australia
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5:53 am
5:48 pm

We survived the long 15h bus drive from Gold Coast to the Sydney yesterday. We arrived to Sydney little before 8 am and had hours to spend till 3pm when we had check in in a hotel in the city. We chose the hotel in the city because we have something planned for tomorrow and we need to be in the city center before 7am.

In the morning we explored city center on foot a bit more, went to see the big market/mall house and after reading much recommendations decided to go to lunch on fish market. Spoiler alert it was crap and not worth either the time nor money.

In the afternoon we met with Veronika’s relatives who brought us luggage we left in their house for our backpacking tour of the north. After that we took a quick nap. Despite sleeping quite a lot during our drive in the night we were still very tired, I guess bus chairs and tons of interruptions due to stops don’t make for a good sleeping conditions.

In the evening we went for a long walk to the botanical gardens and saw opera and harbour bridge again. Today is our last night in Australia during this trip. We are quite sad it had ended already, but frankly don’t have much time to think about it since we are rushing to prepare our suitcases for tomorrow when at 3PM we will leave Australia.

Sydney opera and Harbour bridge at dusk.
Sydney opera and Harbour bridge at dusk.