23:12 Wed.
9 Oct, 2013

Slovenian food

Day 62 , 85 remain
Lulea , Sweden
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7:03 am
5:28 pm

Today I received package from Slovenia. It was from guess who… Veronika. 🙂 The package was filled with variety of (Slovenian) ingredients, sweets and other kind of food that I can’t find here. I must say I was looking forward to this package for quite some time. Now when it’s finally here it’s half gone already. I don’t remember when, if ever, I ate so much candy in such a short time. And there were some Slovenian sausages there as well, surprisingly surviving long trip up here. Today after really long time I had a Slovenian dinner (or at least dinner with ingredients I normally eat in Slovenian). Thank you again Veronika! ***