23:58 Thu.
22 Aug, 2013

To see the princess

Day 14 , 133 remain
Lulea , Sweden
11 °C
4:34 am
8:32 pm

Today we had an academic workshop class at university. It was an information class for Erasmus students, where they told us basic information that we’ll need while studying here. After this class we went to another building to get our LTU cards. This are something like Slovenian student’s cards except here you can actually enter university with it. If I’m not mistaken, here you can come to university at 3 am in the morning, unlock it with the card and study or do whatever… There is only one problem with this cards, they took our pictures on the spot (in front of a desk) with web-cam (that couldn’t be HD) so we are all weird on this photos now.

After we got the LTU cards we (me, roommate and some friends) went to the city. The crown princess of Sweden was coming to Lulea on an old boat (buoyancy operated aquatic transport). The ship is a remake of 18th century Swedish East Indiaman. It’s the largest sailing wooden ship in the world.

East Indiaman
East Indiaman, 18th century ship.

When the ship came close to the harbour it fired few cannon shots. I managed to get a picture of it, although the sun was just behind the ship so I had terrible lighting conditions. I think Nejc managed to film the event so you can probably check it out on his blog when he’ll post it.

Canon action from 18th century ship.
Canon action from 18th century ship.

The sailors on the ship were all dressed in period clothing and when the ship docked they began to sing (in English) some pirate song. It was really cool to see. The crew was also manning the sails and running all over the place.

East Indiaman
East Indiaman 18th century ship.

When ship finally docked the princess came off the ship and to the main stage on land. Where they (city officials) told something in Swedish. Later she spoke 3 words (I was actually expecting a speech) and then she laid some memorial stone on the ground. After that she went back to the ship. She was there just to look good for the photos, I think.

Swedish princess
Swedish princess

Almost forgot; this time I went to the city with bike it took me around 15 minutes which is remarkably faster than walking (1h).