18:31 Sat.
21 Dec, 2013

For this year

Day 135 , 12 remain
Lulea , Sweden
-3 °C
9:53 am
1:03 pm

Yesterday we did our last great push and finally finished our project. Now I can say I’ve build my own working Skype with chat and video conferencing, Microsoft watch out, you’re going out of business!

I’m still not done with the course though. I need to write my “home exam” but I’ve decided that I’ll do that after I come home. The due date is till 20th January so I’ll have enough time to finish it, and after that I will have an oral exam over Skype. I can already see my grandma coming into frame just at the moment of the exam…

In other news; after long deliberation, if I should still continue working, after I come home, I was forced to decide yesterday, when I received invitation from my old boss to come there after New Year’s. I’ve finally decided to let it pass, last year was too intense in regards of work and school. This year I’ll take it easier. I’ve left an option open to get there though, I may choose my topic for master’s thesis about something they will need. It could be good motivation to get paid for doing school work although I’m not sure they can offer me interesting enough topic. We’ll see how it will go … I think my topic of interest has started to drift from AI (artificial intelligence) to Multimedia (Games/Entertainment).