20:00 Thu.
10 Aug, 2017

IJCAI 2016

New York , United States
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The conference started on Saturday and I was lucky enough to have my presentation on the first day. I was a bit nervous but luckily it was soon over. After that I had a chance to enjoy presentations from others – among who the Google was the best. They presented their system which won game of Go early that year.

Computer beating humans at game of GO.
Computer beating humans at game of GO.

It was not all work – if you can actually call it work. We had several social events in the evening like visiting the Modern art gallery where they had paintings from famous artists like Van Gogh, Picasso and many others I don’t recognise.

The conference was interesting, yet very intense. The lectures were happening in parallel in at least 5 different halls and you had to be careful you didn’t miss the one you wanted to hear. It was very intensive mentally, a lot of presenters had strong accents combined with in depth math theory behind their programs it was hard to follow. Luckily there were some easy, more fun oriented, topic covered also. For example there was a competition in Angry birds game where humans were pitted against computer.

Presenting my article at IJCAI
Presenting my article at IJCAI