23:33 Tue.
13 Aug, 2013

Home is where Wi-Fi connect automatically

Day 5 , 142 remain
Lulea , Sweden
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Partly Cloudy
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Yesterday evening I’ve met Sofi, my Swedish buddy. She is helping me get to know Lulea and how things work up here. We went on a nearby hill, hill being a strong word, because it’s only about 50m high at max, but still quite higher than the surrounding landscape. On the way up there was some construction on the road, I think they are making new cross-country ski tracks, so we had to cross something that looked like TNT filled holes. Holes were actually plugged with some red thing so it really looked like dynamite was inside. At the top the view was amazing, I was just standing there speechless, the sun was starting to set down, we could see town underneath and vast forest for as far as an eye can see. Sadly I didn’t have camera with me so no pictures from yesterday.

Luleå from nearby hill.
Luleå from nearby hill.

Today I did my first laundry (in my life), yes it’s a bit late, me being 23 years old, but still better later then never I’d say. The cloths came out the same colour as they went in so I call it great success.

After that I prepared simple lunch and as it’s become a habit lately, checked status of my internet. And what would you know, the thing was working. I couldn’t believe it at first, but finally, welcome to the 21st century. Now I can plan my trips a bit better, it’s easier to check on internet what’s interesting and what I should see rather than walking in random directions throughout Lulea.

In the evening I went up that hill again, this time with camera. I took some pictures, but sadly there were a lot of clouds in the north-west, so the view wasn’t as great as yesterday.

Sunset from nearby hill.
Sunset from nearby hill.

As I began to write this post, there were some strange noises underneath my window. I went to check and saw there were firemen underneath. It looks like there was a small fire at the corner of the building next door (looks like library), no more than 1m high. I think I saw 5 people there when I came back from the hike, guess they thought they’d have some fun and started a fire. Anyway I’m telling you this because the name for fireman (I guess) in Swedish is ridiculously long, if there was a fire you’d probably burned before you would be able to call “Räddningstjänsten!!!”.