21:33 Wed.
21 Aug, 2013

World became smaller

Day 13 , 134 remain
Lulea , Sweden
14 °C
4:29 am
8:36 pm

Today I’ve been working on blog some more. I’ve almost finished gallery, you can’t enlarge photos yet, but hopefully I’ll manage to do that tomorrow.

On the other news I’ve finally managed to buy a bike. I’ve got it from some Swedish guy for 500 SEK. He said he’ll buy it back in December when I’m going home, so total price will be cheaper still. The bike is basic with only 1 gear but it has a light (which will come in handy in few months) and I got a bike lock for free. It’s a good bike for price although I’ll probably struggle with it when it comes to slopes, thankfully there aren’t that many around here.

When I came home I met my new roommate. He’s from France so I’ll probably be able to buy another bridge or a river (internal joke).