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27 May, 2014

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Studying … time when everything is more interesting than studying, so why not finish this?

As we were sitting on the plane thinking what to do in Amsterdam, where we had to wait 6 hours for our connected flight, we came to an idea of maybe going to sightsee the city itself. After seeing that airport is basically in the middle of the city, it was decided, we were going to Amsterdam.

After a short flight from Stockholm to Amsterdam we disembarked and started searching for a place where we could leave our carryon luggage. The airport was huge, it took us 30min to find and leave luggage near underground, where we caught ride to the centre.

After stepping out of the train station you could immediately see difference from Stockholm, there must have been million people walking around, Christmas decorations were everywhere, there were more bikes than cars and lastly it was still bright (day) at 4pm.

After unsuccessfully trying to find a tour boat, (it’s like tour bus, but they have a lot of canals/boats in Amsterdam), we settled down for a tourist map and started walking around the centre, where most monuments were.

The city is old, with narrow streets, old tall buildings and I swear most of them are leaning (like leaning tower of Pisa). That’s probably because it’s build around the water. There are more water channels than in Venice. Strangely that town isn’t known by this but rather by its “loos” laws for drug consumption and sex tourism.

Speaking of this, yes we saw a dozen of “shady” bars and of course, women in displays. It’s kind of weird to see real people in displays like that. It startled me quite a lot, first time we went by one, when woman inside moved, as you are normally expected to see manikins in displays.

Christmas decorations.
Christmas decorations.
Coffee shops
Coffee shops

Anyway as we didn’t have that much time, the only thing we managed to do was buy some food in a local food stand and some souvenirs. Oh yea, I forgot to say, there were Christmas stands all along main street in the centre, quite the opposite of Stockholm, where I don’t remember seeing any at all.

After our quick tour of the city we went back to the airport again. After getting lost for another 30mins we finally found our gate and boarded the plane, soon after we were flying 10km above Germany toward Venice.