23:41 Thu.
15 Aug, 2013

One week since I came to Sweden.

Day 7 , 140 remain
Lulea , Sweden
14 °C
Partly Cloudy
4:10 am
8:57 pm

Today it has been raining so I decided to stay at home and work on blog, instead of going out again. I’ve managed to create “index” of posts for easier navigation and have overridden home page so it shows as Lulea. I’ve finally managed to create edit post function, but I’m too tired now to go and correct all previous posts.

Today afternoon my new roommate has arrived so I’m not alone anymore. We exchanged few words and cleaned refrigerator (ok, he did most of the work) :). He’s from Germany as usually I didn’t get the name, will have to ask again tomorrow.

It’s been one week since I’m in Sweden now. I still can’t get used to the cold, I don’t remember when was the last time I was wearing long shirt and pants in the middle of summer while being at home. So far it has been quite exhausting and not everything was as I expected it to be (mainly internet problem and dorm room).