20:33 Wed.
1 Jan, 2014

Sad to say hejdå!

Day 146 , 1 remain
Lulea , Sweden
-1 °C
Mostly Cloudy
9:49 am
1:20 pm

I’m sitting on the train, slowly moving through last meters of Lulea. The time has come to leave my new home and return to the old one.

Luckily Veronika is accompanying me on the long journey south, which makes it easier. It was not easy to say goodbye. I have grown accustomed to the new way of life up here, and I must say I liked it very much. Nature, people, food I loved it all, but most of all I liked the polar climate with tons of snow, low temperatures and massive auroras dancing over the sky.

Speaking of auroras there is probably the biggest one until now dancing over our heads, it is so bright you’re supposed to see it from Stockholm. Sadly it’s cloudy here so … bad luck.

To be continued…