21:26 Tue.
20 Aug, 2013

Meeting new folks

Day 12 , 135 remain
Lulea , Sweden
15 °C
4:25 am
8:38 pm

The days up here are getting short really fast. Now you can barely see horizon at the darkest of the night and the sunset is well before 9pm already. This morning (or rather middle of night) the sky was coloured with really nice blue gradient. Exposure was around 10s, so the picture looks much lighter than it was in reality, but the sky is approximately the same colour, although I don’t know where those concentric circles came from.

Night sky in Luleå
Night sky in Luleå

At around 11am I and my only (for now) roommate, whose name I finally know, went to the university where we had “get to know each other” picnic. Well it wasn’t really picnic for say … When we were to go outside it started to rain so we sat in the lobby and talked, while too many people were eating salads (come on, you don’t eat salad on picnic 🙂 ). After about an hour the sky cleared so we were able to go outside. We went on a nearby field where we played some (Swedish) games.

Oh yeah, and for socializing part, I found out there are really a lot of Germans here with Erasmus and I met another Slovenian. It was quite funny actually as I didn’t know he was Slovenian and all of a sudden someone says something to me in Slovenian, I must have looked confused because everyone laughed then and he repeated sentence in English, it turns out we actually go to the same faculty in Slovenia.

Winning team
Winning team
Swedes taking care of us. Look at the hair. 🙂

Later this evening another Slovenian, this one I know, came here. He’s name is Nejc.