22:38 Tue.
3 Sep, 2013

Already flooded with work

Day 26 , 121 remain
Lulea , Sweden
12 °C
5:12 am
7:45 pm

Today I started my first (real) courses up here in Lulea. Besides Swedish language course I’ll be attending “Software engineering” and “Network programming and distributed applications”. In both courses we’ll have group projects and seminar work. In first groups were assigned by random draw, I’m in a group with three Swedes. In second we’ll be able to choose our own groups, although I don’t know who I should pair up with yet.

At both courses we have an assignment due to this Friday and I have oral exam of Swedish course on Friday afternoon as well … so jupeee.

In other news, our laundry machine is broken, so I wasn’t able to wash my clothes this week. I have exactly 1 shirt left, so I’ll have to figure something out by tomorrow or I’ll have to walk around naked (which I really don’t want in this cold 🙂 ).

Today I also bought tickets for a trip to some islands near Lulea for this Saturday. For the end of September I have also managed to book a longer 4 days trip to Norway. It’s really annoying how we learn about this trips. They usually post it our (exchange students up here) Facebook group at around midnight or later and it’s usually limited places available, so next day you usually hear it from some people and then have to arrange everything very quickly before places are sold out.