20:15 Sun.
11 Oct, 2020

This time after christmas.

12:00 am
12:00 am

In the middle of the January, I had a meeting in Vienna for another project. This was a second time I had a meeting in Viena, surprisingly both times it was around Christmas. I was surprised that the city center was still decorated and there was a bit of the Christmas spirit in the air, although the markets were missing and still it was a far cry from the last time, when I went in mid December.

This time I went with my boss. The meeting was about the project, we just started, so not much work, at least for us. I just needed to present our team and then for the rest of the time it was more about getting to know other partners in project.

As usually of late, I did a few walks around the city, went and saw some of the facades of famous buildings, haha, still haven’t made it inside, although to be fair, in Vienna I’ve also been already several times and in on of those times I did go see some of the palaces and the natural history museum.

As it seems of late, that I always post something about the food, I should not make an exception this time. We had Viena snichel, of course, and strudel and cakes and everything that goes with it. A bit more surprising could be that first night boss and I went to some Hindu restaurant near hotel, I don’t think I ever ate Indian before, it wasn’t bad at all and we also had some gigantic flat bread to go with it.

It was a nice trip, but nothing to special, I’m just putting it here, since I want to make a map of countries I’ve visited in the future.